We have helped many people over the years here are just some examples .

We had a phone call one day from a delivery driver who had lost his ford transit keys and was blocking the enterance to a carpark.He was so happy to see us,He lost his transit keys down the toilet!

We had a customer phone us one day who had lost his keys for his Toyota celica in a fishing lake the recovery truck couldn't get to him as it was to big and they couldn't turn the steering. He gave us a ring and was driving home within a hour of us arriving!

Lost your keys for Mercedes? Key faulty won't turn in ignition? Steering lock faulty?No Dash lights? There are many problems we have come across on Mercedes contact us we should be able to help .

Lost your Motorbike keys? We make keys for most bikes

Lost you Nissan keys? We make keys onsite.Ignition key not coming out of the ignition lock? We fix this problem no need to replace the complete ignition!

Lost your Ford keys? Key not turning ignition? Flashing Red Immobilizer light? Remote not working? Dash coming on and off? Engine not cranking ?We come across a lot of faults with fords contact us we may be able to help .

Lost keys Toyota? If you loose your keys on a Toyota and it went to the dealer it can get very costly! We can make keys on site we then edit the key information stored in the Immobilizer module so there is no need to replace any of these units saving you money and time.

Lost car keys we can belp!

Please note on lost key situation we need to see proof of ownership this would be your V5 document ,Driving licence,and a recent house hold bill with the same address on.We will also take a photo of you and the vehicle.

We help lots of customers get out of a pickle,and have been since 2004 in East Anglia even if you have been told it can't be done please ring us.If we say it can be fixed then it can.We don't send anything off its done on site there and then.

So many BMW drivers lock there keys in the boot,most models have a sealed boot area so it's the only way in,we use special tools to gain entry so no damage to your vehicle.

Is your door look on you Bmw just spinning round?Give us a ring we can help .

As we are Toyota specialists we have done a lot of lost keys on these saving the customers hundreds of pounds.If you have a Toyota and have lost your keys,then give us a ring the dealer will replace your engine Ecu or immobiliser this can be upto £1500.

Have you lost your keys on a MG rover? Or do you have any faults with your windows-horn-central door locking-immobiliser? We can repair you in mobilizer unit or program a second hand one for you.

Do you have a Ford with the immo light flashing? We have repaired these in the past saving pounds.

Has yor Ford diesel pump failed? We can reprogram new pumps.

Transit ignition key worn? We use special tools to work out your key combination saving you a lot of stress!

Do you have Skoda a faulty ECU we can program second hand ones(depends on type).

Have you lost your keys before? Do you have a spare key? why not give us a ring we can supply most keys and remotes from our vast stock. This can be done at your home or work.

We supply and fit security locks for vans well worth the money and look professional .


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